First of all, download the user manual for your system, this gives you all the information about how your system operates.

Can I start up my air conditioning unit from the zones system?

Yes, as long as the fitter has connected the central control unit to the air conditioning or heating unit. If so, the air conditioning unit can be started up from any Zoning thermostat as long as there is a temperature demand and the Master thermostat is not in MASTER OFF.

What is the difference between a Master and a Slave control?

The Master thermostat is another zone thermostat but with 3 extra features compared to the others: it allows the WHOLE system to be switched off, it makes it possible to perform weekly programming of the entire system and, finally, it is the thermostat that imposes Cold /Hot mode on the unit. See the user manual, you will find all the information there.

Is it mandatory to have a Master thermostat in the installation?

In the classic Zoning systems it is mandatory since the unit requires this to start up the system. With the new Zity control system the mode and start-up can be imposed from any remote system (BMS, WIFI, etc.) and it is not mandatory to fit the Master thermostat as long as there is another auxiliary system.

Do I need a technician to check the installation because it isn’t working completely correctly?

Contact the fitter who did the installation, they will probably be able to help you. If you don’t know anyone, email us to ask for help info@zoning.es

How can I request a product warranty?

First of all, the fitter should give you a warranty sheet on the day when the system installation is completed. If you don’t have it, find the sales invoice.

For more information about the warranty process see the WARRANTIY PROCEDURES section.