Procedure for obtaining the Zoning warranty or repair service

For any problem or query, the technical support line is available on 902 550 290 which is manned by Madel technicians who are there to resolve any matters related to installation and problems. It is important that you call from the place where the system is fitted so that you can carry out in situ the tests necessary for diagnosing any problems.

If the technical support service determines that there is an anomaly, authorisation will be given for the return of the system for revision and/or repair in the factory. If the system is under warranty, the completed warranty document sent to Madel when the system was installed should be provided; otherwise, the warranty will not be effective.

The authorisation for return, both under warranty and for repair, can only be completed by Madel technical personnel and should be affixed to the system. It will also be used for monitoring after return.

Any system returned should be in perfect conditions for use and should have all the additional components initially included, such as the sensor, antenna, etc.

The warranty will not cover any damage caused to the products due to incorrect installation, handling, or storage in poor condition.

The following Madel Zoning systems are ex-catalogue, both for manufacturing and for spare parts:
  • Central control unit KSS Serial numbers starting with 419
  • Central control unit KRC 2-6 Serial numbers starting with 377
  • Central control unit KRC 7-10 Serial numbers starting with 377
  • Central control unit Fan coil KFC 2-6 Serial numbers starting with 377
  • Master/Zone Thermostats
    • Model TMZ-Master Serial numbers starting with 375
    • Model TMZ-Slave Serial numbers starting with 376

In this case, if it is decided to change the system for a new one, we can offer configuration of the system free of charge in the factory.