Here you will find some solutions to the most common problems. For further information download the user manual.

My zones system was working and now it’s not working?

Have you changed the master thermostat batteries? Sometimes before the low battery indicator displays there may be communication failures in the most remote zones.

Check that you do not have a weekly programme activated on the thermostats and that you do not have the time set incorrectly or you are in a time frame when the system should be switched off.

To deactivate it see the user manual for the model of thermostat that you have.

One of the zones will not open or close.

As in the previous case, check the control batteries to make sure that communication is optimum or check that you do not have any programme activated.

There was a power failure, the dampers have been left open and now the system will not start up.

The system is most likely on standby and the start-up cycle is not being completed. Change the master thermostat batteries or if it is a wireless system move it closer to the unit. The cycle should be completed and the unit should start up. If this does not solve the problem you should ask a technician to check the control unit error codes.

The dampers open and close correctly but the unit does not start up.

If it is accessible, check that there is no error in the air machine control. Otherwise have a technician check the interconnection between the zone system and the machine.

Do I need a technician to check the installation because it isn’t working completely correctly?

Contact the fitter who did the installation, they will probably be able to help you. If you don’t know anyone, email us to ask for help